Eye Exams in Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Eye exams are important for more than just your vision. They can also reveal early signs of eye diseases and other medical conditions you may not be aware of. At Tuscaloosa EyeCare in Northport, Pickens County EyeCare in Reform, and Hale County EyeCare in Greensboro, we provide eye exams for the entire family, from toddlers to seniors. We’re here to help you see your best and maintain healthy eyes for years to come. 

What do eye exams include?

When you come in for an eye exam, our optometrist will run a series of tests to check your eye health and vision. Here’s what you can expect:   

  • A comprehensive vision exam   
  • Education on how to maintain healthy vision   
  • Screening for eye diseases or conditions without symptoms  
  • Refractive tests to determine if prescription lenses are needed   
  • Creating a treatment plan to treat eye diseases or conditions  
  • Determining if specialized care is needed   

Why are eye exams important?

Regular eye exams are critical for keeping your eyes healthy and protecting your vision. Not only do they help us detect common vision issues, but they can also uncover signs of serious eye diseases like glaucoma, cataracts, and macular degeneration before you even notice symptoms. Eye exams can also reveal early signs of systemic issues like diabetes and hypertension.  

How often should you get an eye exam?

How often you should get an eye exam will depend on your age, risk factors, and whether you currently wear glasses or contact lenses. Adults who have an issue with their eyes or vision should get an exam at least once a year, unless their doctor recommends otherwise.  

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