Pediatric Eye Exam, Northport, Alabama

Regular eye exams are essential for making sure children’s eyes are developing correctly and they have the visual skills they need for learning. At Tuscaloosa EyeCare in Northport, Pickens County EyeCare in Reform, and Hale County EyeCare in Greensboro, we provide eye exams for the whole family, including babies and children. Every child is unique, which is why we personalize eye exams to fit your child’s needs. 

When does your child need to visit the eye doctor?  

Children should have their first eye exam at six months, followed by exams at three years old and again before kindergarten. Once a child is in school, they should have an eye exam every two years if they have no vision or eye issues. However, if they do have an issue or if they wear glasses or contact lenses, they should see an eye doctor annually.  

Why are eye exams important for children?    

Children may not realize they have a vision problem, especially if it’s something they’ve always had. But these undiagnosed vision issues can have a serious impact on their learning and development. They might have trouble concentrating on their schoolwork, get headaches or eye strain, and even struggle with coordination. An eye exam can detect these issues and lead to early intervention. 

What to expect during a pediatric eye exam 

During the exam, our eye doctor will perform a range of tests based on how old your child is. This usually includes going over their medical history, checking their vision, determining if they need glasses, assessing eye alignment, evaluating eye health, and prescribing eyeglasses if necessary. If your child needs glasses, we carry a great selection of children’s eyewear in fun colors and designs. Our experts are here to help you find the perfect lenses and frames for your child. 

Schedule a pediatric eye exam today 

Call Tuscaloosa EyeCare in Northport, Pickens County EyeCare in Reform, or Hale County EyeCare in Greensboro today to schedule your child’s eye exam. We’re here to help keep your child’s vision healthy and provide the best possible eye care.