Glaucoma Diagnosis & Co-management, Northport, AL 

Glaucoma is a serious eye condition that can lead to permanent vision loss. Early detection and regular eye exams are key to effectively treating glaucoma and protecting your eyesight. Our eye doctors in Northport, Reform, and Greensboro are experienced in diagnosing and treating glaucoma in all stages. If surgery is needed, we will refer you to an ophthalmologist in your area and provide post-operative care. 

What is glaucoma?

Glaucoma is a group of eye conditions that damage the optic nerve, which connects your eye to your brain. The most common type of glaucoma has no symptoms, making early diagnosis and treatment crucial to preventing vision loss.  

Diagnosing glaucoma

Our eye doctors can diagnose glaucoma and a range of other issues during an eye exam. During the eye exam, our doctor will check your vision, eye pressure, and optic nerve. They may also perform visual field testing to evaluate the extent of vision loss. With advanced technology, we can detect glaucoma even before any noticeable symptoms appear. 

Treatment for glaucoma

While there isn’t a cure for glaucoma, starting treatment early can help slow down or reduce its negative effects. Treatment for glaucoma can differ depending on the type and severity of the disease. Our eye doctor will evaluate your condition and create a glaucoma management plan that works best for you. 

Common treatments for glaucoma include: 

  • Prescription eye drops   
  • Medicine     
  • Surgery     

Surgery co-management for glaucoma

If other treatments are ineffective, our eye doctor will refer you to a skilled ophthalmologist who can determine if surgery is necessary. After the procedure, we’ll schedule follow-up visits with your doctor at Tuscaloosa EyeCare, Pickens County EyeCare, or Hale County EyeCare. During these visits, we’ll closely monitor your progress and recovery. 

Schedule a glaucoma exam 

Our eye doctors in Northport, Reform, and Greensboro are here to help you with your vision needs. If you’ve noticed any vision changes, schedule an eye exam with us today.